Summer in NYC

It has been a while since I have written, I have since wrapped up my undergraduate career and have been exploring various career paths, but I wanted to write a post to capture my experience in New York from this summer before graduate school begins taking over my life. After the whirlwind of graduation I finally decided to pursue a graduate degree and was left … Continue reading Summer in NYC

Too many cities and towns to count in 5 days

The past week has been eventful, to put it in short.  After Joey’s arrival and my bittersweet departure from Riva San Vitale, we started our journey through Italy and have stayed in 5 different places in the past 6 days – Riomaggiore, Firenze (2 different hostels), Bologna, and Salle. Cinque Terre is as beautiful as all of the tourist and guidebooks describe it; but was … Continue reading Too many cities and towns to count in 5 days

Social Equity in Marseille

Our second module focused on social equity in which we focused on the re-development efforts of Marseille’s port and made a trip there to experience the social inequality that still pervades French society.  In order to understand this, we need some background information.  Marseille is the oldest city in France dating back around 2600 years; this makes it more of a Mediterranean city as opposed … Continue reading Social Equity in Marseille

Birthday Weekend: Marseille, Provence, Cote d’Azur

We left bright and early Thursday morning, my birthday, and headed to Marseille on probably the most uncomfortable bus any of us had ever been on.  I feel like European design doesn’t have the same American knack for comfort. After a long ride along the Mediterranean coast, intermittently through tunnels and towns, we were in France’s second largest city.   We have been studying the re-development efforts of Marseille’s … Continue reading Birthday Weekend: Marseille, Provence, Cote d’Azur

Ze Weekend

Following our trip to Bern, the second professor arrived and we jumped right into our second module which focuses on the social aspects of development and gentrification projects/policies of France and the US.  We will be writing papers all day tomorrow and Wednesday with presentations Wednesday as well, before we leave for Marseilles on Thursday.  Luckily, however, we had the weekend free.  With most of … Continue reading Ze Weekend

The Swiss Capital, wrap-up of Module 1

Our trip to Bern this weekend was jammed pack with meetings, sightseeing and just general wandering throughout the Swiss capital.  We arrived at the hostel Sunday afternoon and immediately went to check out the river.  The rushing glacial waters created an interesting blue-gray tint and some of the group decided to jump in for a swim.  Fabian, a grad student at the University of Bern … Continue reading The Swiss Capital, wrap-up of Module 1

The Environmental Kuznets Curve

Today we all presented a different topic about sustainability, mine was about the Environmental Kuznets Curve, something I had never even heard of until we were selecting our topics. Hearing everyone’s presentations really changed my perspective and helped me ask some questions about the EKC.  After spending the majority of my time yesterday doing research, I found that it was a pretty straightforward theory behind … Continue reading The Environmental Kuznets Curve

Tour of Riva

It’s nice having Daniella and Michelle around, they work in the office for the building and live in the area.  Daniella gave us all a tour of the town,  stopping at all of the important buildings.  The Villa Maderni, where we are staying, actually is historically important during the time when the region was fighting for dependence.  The villa was sieged and broken into in … Continue reading Tour of Riva